Mission, Vision, Values


In partnership with the community, we enrich lives by providing meaningful experiences through programs, parks, and facilities.


We strive for excellence in serving the well-being and recreation needs of our diverse community through a collaborative, innovative, and sustainable approach.

Our Values:

Community Engagement

We will actively work to foster ongoing dialogue, relationships, collaborations, and partnerships with and within the community.

Responsible Leadership

We will maintain a high performing, engaged, and accountable organization.


We will adhere to moral, honest, and ethical principles with a focus on accessibility, inclusion, and transparency.

    • Established 10+ new partnerships with people of color to improve diversity in hiring and volunteering.
    • We have performance dashboards available that lend insight into the continually improving park operations.
    • Conducted virtual Master Plan reviews with community members.

We will continuously try new methods and ideas, adapt services according to trends, and continually improve processes.

We will thrive through renewal, maintenance, and stewardship in all aspects of operation.

    • Built the Community Recreation Center to operate as a net-zero facility.
    • Earned official verification for Carroll Center as a Net Zero facility.
    • Installed Geothermal HVAC system at Pleasant Home and Carroll Center.
    • Converted Taylor Park, Maple Park, and RCRC indoor and outdoor lights to LED.
    • Retrofitted landscape trailer for new solar application and battery charging set-up.
    • Approved second community solar contract for 13 remaining facilities.
    • Composted approximately 675 gallons and recycled 1,000 gallons of materials during our Summer Concerts and Movies in the Parks.
    • Planted 84 trees in our parks.


We will actively and intentionally value multiple layers of human characteristics and view such differences as strengths, while striving for equity among all identities to be authentic, feel safe and be respected in our programs, parks, and facilities.

    • Signed an intergovernmental agreement with the Township to continue Youth Engagement services.
    • Engaged in safe-zone conversation trainings on the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and Latinx communities.
    • Participated in training through the Township focused on youth, including managing difficult conversation, de-escalation tactics, and youth mental health.
    • Participated in two intergovernmental planning sessions for the VOP I-Plan and community alternative mental health response plan.
    • Entered an intergovernmental agreement with OPRF for field sharing.
    • Developed, approved, and adopted an Inclusivity value statement to guide the District in addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community.
    • Established an inter-departmental DEI committee for promoting social equity, resulting in a new social equity policy, partnerships, and trainings to benefit internal and external customers.
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