Early Childhood & Preschool

Registration: 2022-23 School Year

  • Monday, January 16 – Priority Resident Registration
  • Saturday, January 21 – Oak Park Resident Registration
  • Saturday, January 28 – Priority Non-Resident Registration
  • Saturday, February 4 – Open to all

The Park District also offers a wide range of Early Childhood and Preschool programs that meet the needs of each child. Learn more about the enrichening options we can provide for your child below!

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Program Supervisor – Early Childhood

Early Childhood Enrichment Programs

The Park District offers a wide range of Early Childhood Enrichment Programs that meet the needs of each child. We provide children an engaging environment where they can socialize, learn, and have fun! Through play, sensory exploration, and experimentation children will be sure to have new experiences that they can use to make connections to their everyday life.

Information on Age Groups & Class Options

2 Year Olds

Build educational excitement! Social skills
(taking turns, listening, sharing) and daily themed activities (ABCs, counting, story times, songs, games, and projects) are emphasized in a welcoming environment. **
**Potty training not required but parents/guardians will be contacted to return to school to assist children after accidents.

3 & 4 Year Olds

Students make academic and social gains through authentic discoveries tailored
for each child. Creativity, independent thinking, confidence and age-appropriate academic topics are taught through hands-on experiences. Relationship building with peers and other adults is highly valued in
a welcoming environment. Every child’s strengths are embraced which prepares them for future school success. **

Spanish Preschool
Young students will hear both English and Spanish in this bilingual environment. They will feel valued as they explore letters, numbers, themes, shapes, colors, and various concepts in a nurturing atmosphere. Problem-solving, real-life connections, and peer relationships are explored through math, reading, social, and science discovery; all while exploring both languages.

Nature Preschool
Nature is an amazing teacher when
children engage in hands-on activities
both inside and out. Multi-sensory, nature-based play experiences are the vehicle for individualized learning, problem-solving, and concept integration in the Austin Gardens Environmental Education Center. Low teacher/child ratios promotes social, emotional and academic readiness.

4 Year Olds

Teachers skillfully create child-specific hands-on experiences that provide for writing, math and reading readiness skills. Social and academic opportunities are provided through independent, small and large group work. Social skills, innovation, and problem solving habits are fostered in a collaborative class culture, creating a strong learning foundation.


The Park District offers a 9-month, play-based Preschool program for children ranging 2-5 years in age. Our caring and qualified teachers create a nurturing learning environment throughout our community. Austin Gardens Environmental Education Center, as well as Carroll Center play host to the 2023-24 school year programs.  Learn more about our preschool programs here.

Cubhouse at Stevenson Center:

The Cubhouse Indoor Playground welcomes children birth to age 5 to run and play indoors. The friendly forest-themed indoor playground provides space for kids to climb and crawl, read and draw, and sort and build.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 9:00A – 1:00A || Tuesday/Thursday 5:00P – 7:00P

One-time visits: $5 per child. Adults are free.

Purchase and annual membership for unlimited visits: $50/additional children are $12. Purchase below! Cubhouse questions? Contact Natalie Kurek.

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