Early Childhood & Preschool

The Park District also offers a wide range of Early Childhood and Preschool programs that meet the needs of each child. Learn more about the enrichening options we can provide for your child below!

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Program Supervisor – Early Childhood
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Early Childhood Coordinator

Information on Age Groups & Class Options

2 Year Olds

Build educational excitement! Social skills (taking turns, listening, sharing) and daily themed activities (ABCs, counting, story times, songs, games, and projects) are emphasized in a welcoming environment. 

*Low teacher/child ratios promotes social, emotional and academic readiness.

**Potty training not required but parents/guardians will be contacted to return to school to assist children after accidents.


3 & 4 Year Olds

Students make academic and social gains through authentic discoveries tailored for each child. Creativity, independent thinking, confidence and age-appropriate academic topics are taught through hands-on experiences. Relationship building with peers and other adults is highly valued in a welcoming environment. Every child’s strengths are embraced which prepares them for future school success. 

*Low teacher/child ratios promotes social, emotional and academic readiness.

Nature Preschool
Nature is an amazing teacher when children engage in hands-on activities both inside and out. Multi-sensory, nature-based play experiences are the vehicle for individualized learning, problem-solving, and concept integration in the Austin Gardens Environmental Education Center.

*Low teacher/child ratios promotes social, emotional and academic readiness.

4 Year Olds

Teachers skillfully create child-specific hands-on experiences that provide for writing, math and reading readiness skills. Social and academic opportunities are provided through independent, small and large group work. Social skills, innovation, and problem solving habits are fostered in a collaborative class culture, creating a strong learning foundation.

*Low teacher/child ratios promotes social, emotional and academic readiness.

Contact Information & Tax ID

Austin Gardens: Nature Preschool

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Carroll Center: PreK

The Park District of Oak Park’s Tax ID Number is 36-6006028


Early Childhood

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