Arts & Crafts

The Park District of Oak Park offers unique and traditional arts & crafts classes in one-day and multiple session form. One-day workshops take place Friday – Sunday, while multiple-session format takes place throughout the week. 

The Arts & Crafts classes are designed to fit ages 7 and up and referred to as Mixed-Age Workshops. This format gives families the opportunity to play together as well as encourage intergenerational engagement which aims to connect generations through the creative process in a fun and welcoming environment.

Dole Center is home to Arts & Craft programming. It has several studios specifically designed for the arts including ceramics, painting/drawing, weaving, and lapidary as well as a technology space with computers and machines for computer-based design and printing. A wide variety of Arts & Craft offerings are available for all skill levels, including: 3D Printing, Cricut/Laser, Cutting Design, Painting, Stage Crew, Poetry, Drawing, Collage, Printmaking, Stone Cutting/Polishing (Lapidary), Ceramics, Jewelry Making, and more.

Megan UlczakContact
(708) 725-2106

Program Supervisor

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