Arts & Crafts

The Park District of Oak Park offers unique and traditional Arts & Crafts classes in one-day and multiple session form. One-day workshops take place Friday-Sunday, while multiple-session format takes place throughout the week.

The Arts & Crafts classes are designed to fit ages 7+ and are referred to as Intergenerational Workshops. This format gives families the opportunity to play together as well as encourage intergenerational engagement which aims to connect generations through the creative process in a fun and welcoming environment.

Dole Center is home to our Arts & Craft programming. It has several studios specifically designed for the arts including ceramics, painting/drawing, weaving, and lapidary as well as a technology space with computers and machines for computer-based design and printing. A wide variety of Arts & Craft offerings are available for all skill levels, including: 3D Printing, Cricut/Laser, Cutting Design, Painting, Stage Crew, Poetry, Drawing, Collage, Printmaking, Stone Cutting/Polishing (Lapidary), Ceramics, Jewelry Making, and more.

Megan UlczakContact
(708) 725-2106

Program Supervisor
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