Youth Sports

There is no better way to introduce your child to the world of sports, make new friends and learn the FUNdamentals than by signing up for one of our many youth sports programs offered year round by the Park District of Oak Park. We offer classes on a wide range of sports including tennis, basketball, golf, t-ball, soccer, lacrosse, skateboarding, and even fencing.

Ryan LondonContact
(708) 725-2116

Classes: Basketball, Kickball, Tennis, Pickleball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Skateboarding
Leagues: Tennis, Basketball, T-ball
Chad DrufkeContact
(708) 725-2109

CPRP, Classes: Boxing, Fencing, Golf, Martial Arts, Ninja Warriors, Flag Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Baseball/Softball, Basketball
Wellness: Tai Chi, Awareness through Movement

Current Sports Programs


The Park District also offers youth sports leagues throughout the year!

Youth Sports Leagues Schedule

The Park District of Oak Park offers a variety of youth sports leagues throughout the year for athletes ages 3-14.

If you have any questions about the schedule or the standings, please contact Ryan London.


A summer tradition like none other – the Park District of Oak Park Sports Camps! Currently, we offer three sports-centered day camps each summer for a variety of ages including Rookies (co-ed, grades K&1),Veterans (co-ed, grades 2-3) and MVP (co-ed only, grades 4-8). In addition to these camps, we also offer a variety of one-week sport-specific camps during spring, summer, and winter breaks including basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, tennis & football. Many of these camps are led by local college & high school coaches and their players as well as local sport organizations. For more information on these programs, visit our Camps page.

If you have any questions about the youth sports day camps, e-mail Ryan London

Weather Updates

When questionable weather develops, visit the Field Conditions page for updates on class, practice, or game status. You can even sign up to receive e-mail alerts when a field closes!

Parent And Player Code Of Conduct

Infractions of the Code of Conduct may include but are not limited to the following:

    • Unsportsmanlike conduct
    • Offensive or negative language
    • Disrespectful behavior
    • Fighting or deliberate roughness
    • Repeated delay of game or practice
    • Not shaking hands after a game
    • Damage to school property

Parents will generally be given a verbal warning when an infraction is observed.  If the misbehavior continues, they will be asked to leave the game or practice site.  If a parent is instructed to leave a site by a coach, official, or another league staff, they must do so.  Before returning to future practices and games, the parent must discuss the incident with League Management.

If a player receives two five-minute misconduct penalties/red cards/technical fouls during the season, he/she must serve a one game suspension.  The player must be present at the game to serve the suspension.  If two misconduct penalties/red cards/technical fouls are received in one game, the player will be taken out of the game and must serve an additional one game suspension.  Multiple misconduct warning at practice may also result in the suspension of a game.

When a player has received their third misconduct penalty/red card/technical foul of the season, they will be ejected from the league.  No refunds will be given to players ejected due to poor behavior.

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