E-Sports Gaming

The Park District offers four main gaming programs that provide a social videogaming experience from youth to adults. 

Our Esports Lounge at the Community Recreation Center holds Open Labs, Mon-Thurs, Sat & Sun. There are also weekend programs, birthday party offerings, and videogame clubs. Want to be a CRC member? Check out Membership.

Keni RomanContact

Esports Coordinator

Esports Classes

Welcome, gamers! Come join us to learn, play, and build with or against other gamers!
Various Ages

Esports Tournaments

Take up your favorite character in player versus player against others for some friendly competition!
Ages 10+

Esports Team

The esports team practices twice a week with a focus on improving gameplay.
Ages 11-16

Birthday Parties

Throw a birthday party everyone is sure to remember at the Esports Lounge at the CRC! Bring up to 10 friends and have a blast.
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