The Park District offers four main gaming programs that provide a social videogaming experience from youth to adults. Oak Park residents who enjoy videogaming on various consoles are welcome to these programs.

All videogame clubs work out of Dole Center throughout the weeks and seasons. Participants can enjoy monthly one-day sessions.

Thi DoanContact

Gaming, E-Sports Coordinator

Video Game Club

What exists past Minecraft  and Mario Bros? Find out here! Every month we bring in a wide assortment of games and consoles new and old for elementary aged kids. Ages 7-10 

Video Game Club

Meet other gamers in Oak Park. Explore the history and future of video games with our huge collection of consoles and video games! Ages 11-15

Video Game Club

Welcome, gaming adults! Whether you’re seeking a competitive space or looking for connections, come join us to meet and play with or against other gamers! Ages 18+

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