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February 7

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February 7

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February 7

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In partnership with the community, we enrich lives by providing meaningful experiences through programs, parks, and facilities.

"Pride means that little girl got back up and chose to spend her life helping others up, too."
"My name is Ms. Dianne. I run the Dole Clubhouse afterschool program, teach a variety of art classes, and happen to be pansexual. Being able to state this is a testament to my Pride journey. When I was a middle schooler in rural Ohio, someone pushed me down the stairs at school, calling 'Lesbian!' in disgust. For a long time after, I felt guilty for liking Xena and thinking girls were pretty. I didn’t know what Pride was then, but I do now.

Pride means that little girl got back up and chose to spend her life helping others up, too. Pride means speaking up against injustice. Pride means building a community where everyone feels safe to be themselves. Pride means watching an 8-year-old student bring a “They” coloring page up, telling me that for the first time, they were represented in artwork. Pride means an adult student trusting me with their blossoming trans journey and their new pronouns. Pride means being able to meet someone’s eyes, speak their name, and connect through the exchange of loving kindness.

I am proud to be part of the Park District of Oak Park, which provides me with boundless opportunities to put my Pride to practice."

Dianne Selden

Clubhouse Site Supervisor & Arts Program Instructor

"Dedicated, Driven, Constant Learner"
The Park District's very own Superintendent of Parks & Planning has been making waves in the world of sustainability and green innovation! In light of the upcoming 150th celebration of Arbor Day, Chris shares his history, passions, and plans for the future.

"I have a background of project implementation and management; because of that, I am able to take an idea and make it a reality." Chris explains the realities and barriers in the way of constructing new endeavors that make our community more sustainable and eco-friendly, yet he has faith in both himself and the Park District. "We have the support here to get these projects done. It's a great way to have an impact on the community and to see sustainability in action."

Chris finds it important that from the Park District and his own career, that people take the following lesson with them into their lives: "I want people to know not to be afraid to do something they haven't done before. There will be barriers to cross, but know that you can work through them when they do arrive. Don't let that stuff slow you down. Otherwise you sit still: safe, but not much accomplished!"

Chris Lindgren

Sustainability Leader: Chris Lindgren

"They're lifetime sports: Skating and swimming! You'll never forget."
With decades of work in hockey and skating programs, and his namesake ice arena at Ridgeland Common Recreation Complex, Paul Hruby is a living archive of the amazing history that can be found in Oak Park.

Watching residents smile and go by, Hruby reminisced about his earlier days and how much fun it was to waltz in the rink, "Ice dancing, we must bring it back!"

In light of local Olympian Emery Lehman's appearance, when asked on the key to ice skating, Paul was quick to offer this advice: "Sharp blades, and skates that fit!"

Paul Hruby

Local Legend

"Reliable, Eclectic, Zany"
Look low and high when visiting Oak Park Conservatory to spot Mark Omi. Whether tending to the grounds or working on the upper exterior of the Conservatory building, Mark is in the action! A valued team-member, Mark's contributions to the Park District and Oak Park as a whole is unmeasurable. "I feel like I am a part of the neighborhood and the community...I feel privileged to be a part of this organization because it allows me to support the community through my passion for plants."

Mark is a certified Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture but his passion for trees began long before. "I first got into trees - literally up into them - at the Morton Arboretum where I spent my time learning to rig and climb on their arborist crew.”

“The Conservatory has long served as a beacon for plants and plant enthusiasts for almost 100 years. It is a beautiful, old building packed with plants from all over the world. Its true beauty, however, lies within the hearts of the countless volunteers and visitors who have created this powerfully healing community and environment.”

Mark Omi

Conservatory Technician & Arborist

"Creative, Knowledgeable, Adventurer"
Adventure is in the air of Oak Park, and nobody knows it better than Hannah Szuch!

With a background in science, our natural world, and expertise in translating the workings behind these difficult concepts, Hannah has joined the Park District's staff to bring more learning, fun and eco-friendly practices into Oak Park and its residents.

"Oak Park is a very environmentally-forward community because the people in it are the kind of people who are environmentally-forward. It’s a sum of its parts."

Hannah believes the importance of the local trees should not only known and appreciated by the community, but an enduring value. "Oaks are really important trees because they can get so big and old, and they absorb a lot of carbon dioxide. They’re great for the environment! Oak Park is named after this really important tree. It’s our namesake. We should be proud of it and support the life that supports us."

Hannah Szuch

Nature & Adventure Supervisor

"Creative, Hardworking, Optimistic"
Abby Sacks, a recent New York University graduate and an Oak Park local, is helping you have a pool-ready summer this season! Abby fell in love with swimming at the Park District pools early in life. She attended OPRF and when she wasn't at the pool, she marched in band or costumed for plays.

Abby likes working at the Park District because of the people, and she likes seeing the result of all her efforts increasing joy in the community.

"All of the people at RCRC are passionate about providing great experiences to the people who visit us, and that enthusiasm is infectious."

What would Abby think the community may find interesting? "I’m not sure people grasp how much maintenance goes in to opening the pool and rink. I really started to learn about that side of things when I learned to drive the Zamboni. We service the ice every few hours at the rink and that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as the actual mechanics involved with keeping it frozen."

Abby Sacks

Rink & Aquatics Supervisor

"Determined, Student, Encouraging"
Ashley Doyle is the Park District of Oak Park's new Fitness Program Supervisor! As a new member of the Oak Park community, Ashley has nothing but good things to say about the community.

"So far it has been great and extremely welcoming! I am so excited to get to be a apart of helping our community grow."

Ashley has always been an athlete—she loves helping people and encouraging them on their individual fitness goals.

"Personally I went through a time where I was scared to go to the gym, I was embarrassed and as a result it made it so hard to get myself healthy. I have seen and been a part of both sides and I understand the struggle, I hope to help everyone I can and encourage each person in their own personal journey."

Due to a past full of interesting experiences and skill-acquiring, Ashley can provide helpful information as well as quirky facts.

Ashley Doyle

Fitness Program Supervisor

"Determined, Student, Encouraging"
The Parks & Planning crew spend their days making Oak Park beautiful and safe for residents to enjoy! Learn more about the crew's tasks and day-to-day processes behind the scenes of Oak Park life.

Three teams handle different things around Oak Park under the purview of Chris Lindgren, Superintendent of Parks and Planning.

The team under Nelson Acevedo, Buildings Supervisor, handles all brick and mortar facilities, as well as their maintenance needs.

The team under Travis Stephen, Turf Manager, manages the parks and grounds, as well as upkeep of both turf and sports fields.

The team under John Borland, Grounds Maintenance Supervisor, manages the courts, grounds, parks and playgrounds.

The Parks & Planning team also handles set-up, break-down, and cleanup for our Movies in the Park series, the Summer Concerts series, the Frank Lloyd Wright Race, and more

Parks & Planning Team

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