Boys Gymnastics Places at National Championships

Five members of the Park District of Oak Park boys gymnastics team—Matthew Adler, Renny Barnitz, Josh Negron, Josh Oxer, and Trevor Rice—competed at the USA Gymnastics Development Program National Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida from May 7-May 12.

Oxer placed 3rd all-around, Barnitz placed 4th all-around, and Adler placed 13th all-around. Oxer was also part of the Region 5 Team, where his scores counted toward an overall team award.

In addition, four gymnasts from the Park District boys gymnastics team qualified for the USA Gymnastics Development Program Eastern National Championships: Patrick Britton, San Bohrer, TJ Carr, and Luca Depa. They traveled to Ohio to compete in late April.

 “The boys who qualified truly worked extremely hard to achieve this level of competition,” Kerrigan said. “I am just proud to see all of their hard work pay off, and how professional both our coach and kids represented the Park District of Oak Park.”

Nikko Winstead coaches the boys group and attended the competition alongside the gymnasts.

“Coach Nikko has done a tremendous job with the overall boys program and the results show. He creates a safe, competitive, and most importantly, fun environment,” Kerrigan said.

Congratulations to our boys team on an incredible end to the competitive season!

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