Ice Skating

The Park District offers ice skating instruction for beginners of all ages, from 3 to adults. Classes are divided up by skill and often blended when learning skills. These classes operate in 7 to 10 week sessions depending on the season. Ice skates can be rented for lessons at the facility. Helmets are required for the two beginner classes and highly recommended in subsequent levels. 

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Skate Academy Coordinator
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Program Supervisor - Aquatic & Rink

Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate

Skate Practice & Freestyle Ice

Special Events at the Rink

Skate Showcases

Two skater showcases are scheduled each year to highlight skaters’ abilities. The Holiday Exhibition takes place in December and highlights intermediate to advanced skaters. The annual Ice Show takes place in March and all skating levels are welcome to participate. This is a separate event in which skaters register to participate, are grouped with those at the same skating level, and learn a choreographed routine with costumes, spotlights, and an audience! More information about these programs is available in the Fall and Winter.

Synchronized Skating Team

The Park District of Oak Park is home to Synchronized Skating Team, Infinite Style. The program consists of one team. Skaters Freeskate 1 and above can give synchronized skating a try!

If you are interested in signing up for the team, please contact Skate Academy Coordinator Cathy Brown.

Greater Chicagoland Basic Skills Committee

The Park District of Oak Park Skate Academy is a member of the Greater Chicagoland Basic Skills Committee. Membership in this committee will bring more opportunities for our skaters to be involved in the wider figure skating community. Opportunities approaching include Skate America, Disney on Ice, coaching seminars, and scout programs.

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