The Park District of Oak Park is dedicated to helping serve the residents of Oak Park. Financial assistance is available to provide the opportunities for all individuals and/or families to -participate in Park District of Oak Park programs and use facilities. These funds are provided by the Park District of Oak Park and additional support is provided by the Oak Park Township.

The Park District of Oak Park provides two unique opportunities to support our community: Scholarships and Childcare Discount Memberships.

Scholarship: Provides up to $300 in funding for each member of a household. These funds can be used for ALL programs and passes offered by the Park District of Oak Park (e.g., camps, classes, pool passes, trips, fitness, etc.) and reduce the fee up to 75% of the cost of each class, pass, etc. Please note: Funds are not eligible for equipment purchases or rental fees. Funds cannot be transferred to other family members nor can unused funds be rolled over to a new year. 

Childcare Discount Membership (CDM): Provides unlimited discounts ranging from 25% – 55% of full-day, in-house summer camps and school’s out full-day activities.  This discount also includes our afterschool Clubhouse program. Children must be kindergarten through age 14.

All you need to apply is:

    1. Proof of residency
    2. Proof of dependents
    3. Proof of income 

NEW: The PDOP has been awarded a grant from the OPRFCF (Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation) in the amount of $6,000 through their Youth Engagement Scholarship (YES) Funds to be used as additional funding for children to attend Summer Camps 2023.  Please complete your YES fund application if you are registering for Summer Camps and have already or will end up using all your PDOP scholarship funds. The deadline to submit your application is March 15th. Since the funding is limited and demand may be high, funds will likely be limited between $100-$300 per eligible child and will follow our scholarship income guidelines to determine your % fees covered.


Eligible individuals and families must satisfy the following criteria:

    1. Must be a resident of Oak Park.
    2. Income requirements may vary as defined on the application. (Scholarship tiers 1 and 2 coincide with the free and reduced lunch program with District 97 schools). See application for details.
    3. Activity attendance, pass usage, and conduct will be a consideration annually when granting funds to repeat families.
    4. Applicants must be able to provide proof of residency, income, and proof of dependents as defined on the application.

Funding Guidelines

Depending on your household size and income, qualifying households may get scholarships allowing 75%, 55%, or 35% of fees covered toward registration fees up to $300 maximum per person with no maximum per household.

Families with an AGI of $105,000 or less may be eligible for the CDM.

2024 Application

Complete the online application:


Fill out the PDF version (SPA) 

Email it to or mail it to:

Customer Service, Park District of Oak Park
218 Madison Street
Oak Park, IL 60302.

**Once your application has been approved, the funds will be available in January 2024. Approvals are sent out via email.

2022 Application

There are two methods of submission:

  • Submit your application ONLINE
  • Fill out the PDF version and email it to or mail it to: Customer Service, Park District of Oak Park, 218 Madison Street, Oak Park, IL 60302.  

**Once your application has been approved, the funds will be available in January 2022. Approvals are sent out via email.


Want to donate to the PDOP financial assistance? Donations can be accepted through our registration software Amilia.


Scott SekulichContact
(708) 725-2023

Registration and Customer Support Manager

Questions about our scholarship? Reach out to Scott Sekulich above for your inquiries, as well as any registration questions. You may call or email with any questions you may have regarding the program.

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