The mission of the Parks Foundation of Oak Park, established in June 2012, is to collaborate with residents, community groups and partner organizations to support exceptional and extraordinary projects that enhance our parks and community life. The Parks Foundation is a community-led, independent nonprofit organization.  

For more information about the Parks Foundation, visit their website or e-mail info@parksfoundationop.org.

Foundation Goals

    • To bridge the gap between public resources and the need to maintain a vibrant park system. This will help the Park District improve the health of the community and become stronger stewards of our parks, historic properties and open land.
    • To raise funds through private and corporate contributions, grants, and in-kind donations to enhance the Park District of Oak Park’s delivery of distinctive recreation programs, excellent services and quality facilities.
    • To facilitate communication among the many community groups and partner organizations whose goals, projects and activities promote healthy village life through the betterment of recreation programs, parks and facilities.
    • To identify, cultivate and inspire advocates and supporters to promote generous giving of time, talents and treasure to ensure the availability of a quality park system.

Foundation Objectives

    • To foster awareness of the need for high program standards, commitment to park beautification, and the continued improvement of park services and facilities that will provide better community health and recreation.
    • To maximize efforts from community groups and partner organizations in support of the parks, through collaborative communication and combined knowledge.
    • To increase community awareness of unique programs and opportunities in the Park District such as the acquisition and preservation of open space or the Scholarship Program.
    • To develop a strategic plan and create a database to assist in donor development and fund raising for our parks, facilities and historic properties.

For more information about commemorating a special event or person, please visit the Park District’s Memorial Trust page.

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