CRC – Community Mental Health Board

Community Mental Health Board at the CRC

This partnership provides a much-needed opportunity to promote mental health, substance use treatment, and intellectual and developmental disabilities services in the Oak Park area. CMHB mobilizes partnerships with local social service providers to offer community members connection to and education about available resources.

The space offers an opportunity to integrate mental and physical wellness by hosting education sessions, trainings (including Mental Health First Aid), wellness activities, and referrals to various services. Community members are able to access family and community support, education, and mentoring services and senior services in an easy, convenient, and discreet location. 

Upcoming Community Events

Walk & Talk

Presented by the Oak Park Township and Park District of Oak Park

Wednesday, Feb 21 | 10:00A-12:00P

Tuesday, Mar 5 | 10:00A-12:00P

Tuesday, Apr 9 | 10:00A-12:00P

Wednesday, May 15 | 10:00A-12:00P

Mental Health First Aid Training

Presented by NAMI Metro Suburban

Youth Training:

    • Saturday, Mar 9 | 9:00A-2:00P
    • Saturday, Jun 8 | 9:00A-2:00P
    • Thursday, Dec 5 | 9:00A-2:00P

Adult Training:

    • Saturday, Apr 13 | 8:00A-2:00P
    • Saturday, Jul 13 | 8:00A-2:00P
    • Thursday, Nov 14 | 8:00A-2:00P

Thrive Talk

Presented by Thrive Counseling Center

Tuesday, Mar 26 | 6:30-8:00P


Chad DrufkeContact
(708) 725-2109

CPRP, Classes: Boxing, Fencing, Golf, Martial Arts, Ninja Warriors, Flag Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Baseball/Softball, Basketball
Wellness: Tai Chi, Awareness through Movement
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