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Community Rooms

Use of the community rooms is limited to activities and meetings that are free and open to the public such as workshops, presentations, and community information meetings. Rentals can be made quarterly by our Oak Park businesses, non-profit groups, and government partners and must take place during facility open hours.  This can include things like workshops or community information meetings.  Rental space for private events, including trainings and meetings, is available at Ridgeland Common, Cheney Mansion, Pleasant Home, and Oak Park Conservatory.  Renters are not allowed to charge entrance fee or be selling products.

The CRC will be open for rentals of our community rooms quarterly to our Oak Park businesses, non-profit groups, and government partners.

Maximum occupancy: 90  (Room can be split into two)

Reservations can be made:

  • Dec, 1st for Jan 1 – March 31
  • March 1st for April 1 –June 30
  • June 1st for July 1 – September 30
  • September 1st for October1 – December 31st 

No group may book more than 3 times a year to stay consistent with our other park district rentals.

Government agencies and key partners

  • Complimentary

Oak Park non-profit:

  • Can reserve 1 two hour time slot per year.
  • Additional rentals are $25 for two hours (additional $10/hr beyond the two hours)

Oak Park businesses:

  • 2 hour reservations cost $50 (additional $20/hr beyond the two hours)
  • Businesses cannot charge people attending 
  • Businesses cannot be selling products

All attendees will need a photo id or Amilia app or card to access the bathrooms since they are past the check in desk

Please complete this request form if you part of an eligible group and are interested in reserving space at the CRC.

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Maureen McCarthyContact

CPRP, Superintendent of Recreation
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