Room Rental FAQs

Access to the community center begins at the time you designated as your start time when reserving the facility. Your cleanup time must also be within the end time designated. If you need additional time, please email with the written request to check for availability. (additional time subject to rental rates, rules, and guidelines)

Community center hours fluctuate based on seasons, programs and use schedules. Call for details or check out our brochure.

Alcohol is not permitted in or on Park District property. If found violating this rule, the offender will be asked to leave the community center and park area.

The hourly rate is based upon residency, the amount of people you are looking to accommodate, and the center in which you are interested in renting. For more info see community center rentals.

A Facility Attendant will be available throughout the duration of the rental. They are scheduled for supervisory duties and to monitor the facility and make sure everything pre-arranged is provided. This includes setting up tables and chairs, opening & closing rental spaces, and answering general questions. If a more specific question arises, the Facility Attendant is able to contact the Parks and Facilities Coordinator.

Renters may decorate but may not use tape, confetti, silly string, helium balloons or open flames (Sterno may be used to heat food). Any permitted decorations must be removed by the renter without adversely affecting the facility.

The Park District has established music and amplified music restrictions which we expect rental groups to abide by. These restrictions are: Amplified sound is limited to single unit devices (i.e., boom boxes, radios, IPOD players, etc.) and must be placed indoors and in designated areas only. Activity room doors must be kept closed while amplification is in process and must cease by 10:30 p.m. Decibel level of amplified music must be in conformance with Village of Oak Park noise standards for residential neighborhoods. Furthermore, the sound level must be limited to reach only the immediate audience within the facility. Loudness of music is at the discretion of our onsite staff; failure to comply with a request to lower volume may result in revocation of facility use, police intervention and withholding of your deposit. It is the responsibility of the renter listed on the rental contract to control the sound level at the rental event. DJs, bands, music or speaking that utilizes speakers or amplifiers is strictly prohibited.

Yes. A certificate of insurance may be necessary. Details will be given to renters if insurance is required upon approval of application.

The amount of tables and chairs that are setup is determined by the approximate headcount stated on the contract. We use standard 6′ rectangular tables at our centers.

No, but we encourage our renters to take recyclables home.

It takes approximately four weeks after the date of the event. It takes less time if the deposit is received by a credit card.

Courts and fields can be rented here. Picnic shelters can be rented here.

Rehm Pool is opening Saturday, May 25! Ridgeland Pool opens Tuesday, May 28 for lap swim only. Click the button to view pool schedules.

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