Contracts, Bids, & RFPs

The Park District of Oak Park utilizes DemandStar to allow those interested in submitting a bid or proposal for a Park District project to view the submission requirements and project documents online as well as view the results of past bids and RFPs. Links to active RFPs and bids are also accessible below.

Current Bids, RFPs, and RFQs

None currently open.

Past Bids, RFPs, and RFQs
CategoriesTitleIssue DateDue DateBid/RFP
Parks & PlanningRehm Pool Master Plan Improvements12-Apr-246-May-24Bid
Parks & PlanningField Center Design Competition12-Feb-2419-Apr-24RFP
ConstructionOak Park Conservatory Historic Vestibule Project30-Jan-2421-Feb-24Bid
ConstructionDole Center Window Replacement30-Jan-2422-Feb-24Bid
ConstructionCheney Mansion Tuckpointing30-Jan-2423-Feb-24Bid
Parks & PlanningComprehensive and Strategic Master Plan (2025-2029)4-Oct-233-Nov-24RFP
ApparelApparel Services Bid Invitation 2023-202419-Apr-233-May-23Bid
Vending ServicesVender Services RFQ Notice Park District of Oak Park16-Mar-2330-Mar-23RFQ
ApparelApparel Services Bid Invitation 2023-20248-Mar-2322-Mar-23Bid
MarketingBrochure Printing Bid 2023-202428-Nov-229-Dec-22RFP
Parks & PlanningCustodial Services for the Park District of Oak Park9-Feb-2223-Feb-22Bid
ConstructionOak Park Conservatory Front Wall Restoration15-Jun-228-Jul-22Bid
TransportationBus Transportation Services Bid 20229-Feb-2223-Feb-22Bid
Apparel2022 Apparel Bid20-Jan-222-Feb-22Bid
Technology2021 RFP for Banking Services15-Dec-2119-Jan-22RFP
ConstructionRehm Pool Painting Project6-Jan-2219-Jan-22RFP
ConstructionRehm Pool- Main Drain Replacement & Concrete Repair10-Nov-2124-Nov-21RFP
ConstructionHVAC Service Contract for PDOP Facilities3-Nov-2119-Nov-21RFP
ConstructionCommunity Recreation Center Project15-Oct-215-Nov-21RFP
ConstructionPleasant Home Geothermal HVAC22-Jul-2113-Aug-21RFP
Construction228-230 Madison St. Demo22-Jul-2113-Aug-21RFP
Apparel2021 T-Shirt Bid19-Apr-2128-Apr-21Bid
ConstructionRehm Park Playground Renovations16-Nov-2017-Dec-20RFP
ConstructionRandolph Park & Wenonah Park Renovations6-Feb-2024-Feb-20RFP
MarketingBrochure Bid31-Jan-2017-Feb-20Bid
ConstructionDole Center HVAC BAS Conversion7-Aug-1928-Aug-19Bid
ConstructionRehm Park Tennis Court Improvements26-Jul-1915-Aug-19Bid
TransportationBus Transportation Bid31-Jul-1914-Aug-19Bid
ConstructionPleasant Home Driveway Replacement26-Jun-1912-Jul-19Bid
TransportationBus Transportation Bid27-Jun-1910-Jul-19Bid
ConstructionStevenson Park Renovation30-May-1914-Jun-19Bid
ConstructionCarroll Center Project Re-Bid8-May-1930-May-19Bid
ConstructionDole Library/Center Flooring Replacement8-May-1921-May-19RFP
ConstructionCarroll Center Addition & Remodel10-Apr-193-May-19RFP
ConstructionBarrie Center Flooring Replacement13-Feb-1928-Feb-19RFP
ConstructionCarroll Park Playground25-Jan-1915-Feb-19Bid
TechnologyRecreation Management Software12-Dec-1810-Jan-19RFP
MarketingPark District of Oak Park Needs Assessment Survey13-Dec-184-Jan-19RFP
MarketingPark District of Oak Park Needs Assessment Survey5-Dec-182-Jan-19RFP
ConstructionHVAC Service Contract5-Dec-1821-Dec-18Bid
ConstructionOak Park Conservatory - Solar PV Installation10-Oct-1826-Oct-18RFP
ConstructionOak Park Conservatory - Rain Water Harvesting Installation10-Oct-1826-Oct-18RFP
ConstructionJanitorial Services for Park District of Oak Park Facilities-224-Aug-1814-Sep-18RFP
ConstructionCheney Mansion Entry Plaza Renovation24-Aug-1814-Sep-18RFP
ConstructionRehm Pool Playground Renovation11-Jul-1814-Aug-18RFP
ConstructionRehm Pool House Renovation11-Jul-1814-Aug-18RFP
ConstructionFox & Andersen Flooring17-Jan-187-Feb-18Bid
ConstructionField Park Playground Surface Replacement17-Jan-1831-Jan-18Bid
ApparelApparel Bid10-Jan-1824-Jan-18Bid
ConstructionTree Pruning & Removal Contract29-Nov-1720-Dec-17RFP
ConstructionPleasant Home Roofing1-Nov-1730-Nov-17RFP
ConstructionOak Park Conservatory Roofing Project18-Oct-171-Nov-17RFP
ConstructionConservatory Heating System Re-piping14-Apr-175-May-17Bid
ConstructionConservatory Heating System Re-piping3-May-175-May-17Bid
ConstructionField Park Cistern24-Mar-1718-Apr-17Bid
Marketing2017-2020 Brochure Bid3-Mar-1717-Mar-17Bid
ConstructionStevenson Center Roofing Replacement9-Feb-171-Mar-17Bid
ConstructionFlooring Replacements at Longfellow & Stevenson Center's13-Feb-1724-Feb-17Bid
ConstructionTaylor Park Athletic Field Drainage19-Jan-1713-Feb-17Bid
ConstructionRidgeland Common Motorized Blinds4-Jan-1725-Jan-17Bid
ConstructionTaylor Park Athletic Field Drainage19-Oct-165-Dec-16Bid
ConstructionEuclid Square Park Phase II2-Nov-1623-Nov-16Bid
ConstructionRCRC Motorized Blind Installation20-Oct-162-Nov-16Bid
Technology2016-2018 Audit Services4-Oct-1619-Oct-16Bid
ConstructionParkway Tree Removal28-Sep-1614-Oct-16RFP
ConstructionFox and Longfellow Basewalls23-Jun-1615-Jul-16Bid
ConstructionTaylor Park Drainage Bid25-May-1613-Jun-16Bid
MarketingPark District Sign RFP23-May-168-Jun-16RFP
TransportationBus Transportation Services Bid4-Mar-1617-Mar-16Bid
ConstructionLongfellow Cistern Project12-Feb-1629-Feb-16Bid
ConstructionConservatory Ventilation Automation Improvements3-Feb-1624-Feb-16Bid
ConstructionRehm Roof Replacement3-Feb-1616-Feb-16Bid
ConstructionMaple Park Construction Services14-Jan-1610-Feb-16Bid
ConstructionHVAC Maintenance Contract Bid18-Nov-159-Dec-15Bid
ConstructionFeasibility Study - Community Recreation Center18-Nov-158-Dec-15Bid
ApparelScreen Printed Apparel Bid18-Nov-157-Dec-15Bid
ConstructionGreenhouse Ventilation and Automation5-Nov-1524-Nov-15Bid
ApparelApparel Bid26-Aug-152-Oct-15Bid
ApparelCustodial Services Bid15-Sep-1524-Sep-15Bid
ConstructionAustin Gardens Environmental Education Center29-Jul-1510-Aug-15Bid
ConstructionAustin Gardens Environmental Education Center24-Jun-1522-Jul-15Bid
ConstructionJulian and Brooks Middle School Project17-Jun-152-Jul-15Bid
ConstructionAustin Gardens Environmental Education Center25-Mar-158-Apr-15Bid
ConstructionAustin Gardens Environmental Education Center13-Feb-1513-Mar-15Bid
ConstructionOak Park Conservatory Construction and Landscape Project7-Jan-1529-Jan-15Bid
ConstructionAustin Gardens Environmental Education Center7-Jan-1528-Jan-15Bid
ConstructionProfessional Landscape Architect and Park Planning Services for Site Master Plan for Barrie Park and Center29-Oct-1419-Nov-14Bid
ConstructionJohn Hedges Administrative Center Renovation Bid22-Aug-1412-Sep-14Bid
Marketing2014-2015 Brochure Series Bid12-Aug-1426-Aug-14Bid
TransportationTrash Packer Bid16-Jul-1430-Jul-14Bid
ConstructionFox Park and Longfellow Park Athletic Field Renovation Projects18-Jun-142-Jul-14Bid
ConstructionCheney Mansion Greenhouse Renovation29-Jan-1418-Feb-14Bid
ConstructionLindberg Park Bid22-Jan-1412-Feb-14Bid

Contractual Instructor Opportunities

The Park District of Oak Park is a progressive municipal agency committed to improving the lives of our residents by providing quality parks and recreation experiences for our community. As such we are always on the lookout for exciting new recreation programs to offer to our community. In order to offer the wide variety of programs, classes, camps, leagues, and events that are currently listed in the Park District’s Program Guide, it is sometimes necessary to contract with outside vendors or individuals who have the experience and expertise to instruct these special programs.

If you have a program or service that the Park District is not currently offering that you believe would be a good fit with our community, please take some time to read through our Independent Contractor Guide. This guide was created in order to allow potential instructors to acquaint themselves with the Park District and the process of becoming an Independent Contractor with the Park District of Oak Park. If after reviewing the guide, you feel that contracting with the Park District to provide a service to the community would be a good fit for your business, you should submit a Program Proposal (included at the end of the guide) for each proposed program.

Proposals are accepted year round and should be returned to the Park District of Oak Park at 218 Madison Street, Oak Park, Illinois 60302.

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