Banner requests

Rules & Regulations

Banner requests can now be done online! Scroll down to submit the form.

    • All banner posting requests must be completed and submitted to the Park District of Oak Park at least one week before the intended banner is to be hung.
    • Unless approved as part of a sponsorship agreement, a banner may be displayed ONLY to announce an event.
    • The maximum size of a banner is a height of 3 feet by a length of 8 feet.
    • Only banners relative to an event or activity taking place within village limits that benefit the community at large will be approved to be posted.
    • Only two (2) banners per organization are permitted to be hung during one timeframe.
    • The banner materials may NOT be metallic or other electrical transmitting material unless specifically approved by the Park District. All banner materials shall be waterproof and resistant to deterioration due to rain, freezing, or sun. In the event any defect or problem is detected by Park District staff and reported to the applicant, immediate attention shall be given to making necessary repairs. Any delay in doing so could result in immediate removal of the banner.
    • The Park District reserves the right to determine priority among conflicting requests for the same time period. Park District sponsored events, activities, or sponsors take precedence over all other requests.
    • Banners may only be hung for official Park District Programs, Park District P.A.C.T. organizations, neighborhood associations, Oak Park non-profit organizations, or other Oak Park Governments or their partners. In some situations, i.e. if an event is being held at a Park District of Oak Park facility, approval to hang a banner may be permitted. All banners hung at the Conservatory must relate to Conservatory functions. All banners hung at Mills Park must not block the view of Pleasant Home.
    • No political banners or banners advertising events involving alcohol or tobacco will be considered for placement.
    • Banners shall be displayed for a maximum period of up to 2 weeks.
    • Organizations are responsible for hanging and removing banners within the time frame allocated and approved without causing any damage to park district property.
    • Banner wording and/or artwork shall be approved by the Park District prior to granting a banner permit to ensure consistency with this policy.
    • Banners that do not adhere to these specifications will not be approved for posting.

If you would like to recycle your banner(s), please drop off at 218 Madison Street or contact Jennifer Blaese at 773-706-0612 or with Loft312.

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