Sustainability Plans

The Park District identified Sustainability as one of our core values and strategic initiatives in 2015. One of the objectives was to create a Sustainability Plan for the agency to use to set goals and track progress. The Sustainability Plan is designed to be updated every two years. The Sustainability Plan is presented to the Greening Advisory Committee for approval prior to the beginning of the fiscal year for which the plan covers. The Sustainability Plan is comprehensive and includes goals and recommendations across ten work areas or elements.

These elements include:

    • Employee Education, Training, & Engagement 
    • Community & Patrons Education & Engagement 
    • Utility/Energy Conservation 
    • Water Conservation & Management
    • Fleet Management 
    • Sustainable Acquisition & Use of Agency Supplies 
    • Recycling & Solid Waste Management 
    • Sustainable Infrastructure & Natural Areas 
    • Natural Resources & Habitat Preservation 
    • Health & Wellness


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