Field center design competition

Significant Dates & Timeline

The Park District of Oak Park is holding a design competition for the renovation and/or replacement of Field Center, a classroom facility in Field Park which is adjacent to Mann School.

At a Glance

Competition Release: Feb 12

Competition Registration Deadline: Mar 5

    • Each team must pre-register for the competition. There is no fee to participate.
    • Each team will be given a registration number that must appear on the back of each board submitted.
    • Upon registration, a DWG file of the survey for the property will be provided.
    • Registration will also allow for notification of your team of the final dates and times for the site visit and building tour, noted below.

All Submitted Questions Answered: Mar 7 | 5:00P

Site Visit/Building Tour: Mar 8 | 10:00A

    • A tour of the site will be offered for any interested teams.
    • In addition, a tour of other Park District facilities will be offered.

Submittal for Phase I Deadline: Apr 19

    • Submit boards for the first phase of judging.

Submittal for Phase II Deadline: Jun 21

    • Submit PowerPoint deck and PDFs of any boards or handouts to be used for the final presentation.
    • Schedule presentation date and time.

Detailed Timeline

    1. Issue Competition Brief: Feb 12
      • Pre-Registration Deadline: Mar 5
      • Site Walk Through: Mar 8
    2. Phase I Deadline: Apr 19
      • Submittal Processing: Apr 22-24
      • Submittal Display: Starting Apr 25
      • Jury Individual Review: Apr 25-May 5
      • Jury Meeting to Select Finalists: May 6-9
    3. Finalists Announced: May 10
      • Submittal Team Qualifications: May 13-15
      • Team Meetings with Staff/Jury: May 15-17
      • Budgeting Meeting (with Bulley & Andrews): May 29-31
    4. Phase II Deadline: Jun 21
      • Team Presentation: Jun 25-27
    5. Final Winner Announced: Jun 28
      • Submit Final Team Resumes: Jul 1-5
      • Review Qualifications/References: Jul 8-12
      • Negotiate Contract: Jul 15-19
    6. Begin Final Design: Jul 26
      • Finish Schematic Design
    7. Final Permit & Bid Documents Complete: Nov 15
    8. Bidding and Permitting Complete: Jan 15
    9. Contract Award: Jan 31, 2025
    10. Start Construction: Earliest Apr 2025 – Latest Jun 2025

By entering and submitting a design to the competition, the design team commits to making every effort to meet this schedule.

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