The Park District of Oak Park regularly conducts a community survey to ensure that planning aligns with the desires the community has for its Park District. The Park District uses survey results to guide the creation of strategic initiatives and upcoming plans. The results from the 2023 survey will be used to inform the five-year strategic and master plan that the District is currently developing for 2025-2029.   

The Park District of Oak Park partners with aQity Research & Insights to deliver the community survey. aQity is a market research firm that employs formal market research tools to produce statistically valid, in-depth quantitative and qualitative results. Data collection for the 2023 community survey took place late September through mid-November; a random sample of Oak Park residents received postcards inviting them to complete an online survey, printed survey, or phone survey.   

The Park District of Oak Park strives to meet the communities’ recreational needs and appreciates feedback from the community.  

See recent community survey results below. 

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