Candle Making with Einnim Candle Bar Oak Park-Women’s Month

Join Einnim and the Park District of Oak Park to make a custom candle fitting each season An Einnim candle specialist will be in attendance to walk guests through the entire candle-making process. Choose from a variety of essential oils to create your perfect scent blend for your new favorite candle. Each 9 oz.  candle provides 40-45 hours of burn time using 100% soy wax.  Light snacks and 2 drink tickets are included with your registration.   Ages 21+ 

Ninja Warrior Training!

Bright as the moon, black as the night, nothing escapes this Warriors sight!  He fights crime in the shadows defending the world with the edge of his blade and the power of his fists!  For many years he has worked alone, but now needs the help of a new generation of ninjas!   Start your evening with dinner and activities as you await the arrival of our Ninja.  He will lead you through training and games to make sure you are ready to head safely into the night!  Registration includes 1 caregiver and 1 child—only need to register 1 name.  All children must be accompanied by an adult.  If you would like to add additional ninjas to your party, please use the Additional Guest button on the registration page.  A regular registration is required to use the additional guest button.   Ages 4+

Adult and Child Cooking–Tacos, Tamales and Salsas

Join Chef Tara Humphrey of the Global Peel as she explores culture through cooking. Let's celebrate Mexico!  Make tortillas, wrap tamles, and make homemade salsa. We will We will discover the beautiful textures and flavors of hibiscus, tacos al pastor, and chilis. Learn history, eat lunch, and share our common story with your fellow students in the Cheney kitchen and dining room. Great food and life skills to carry forward. We are all family around food..   Ages 10+ with Adult