NEW! Check-in Procedure Coming to RCRC

Ridgeland Common welcomes many visitors each and every day. In an effort to direct and connect with our visitors, beginning August 15, all Ridgeland Common visitors will be required to check with staff upon entering the facility. Read on to see the quick and easy options for checking in:

Check-in with:

Situations & Examples

Show your mobile Digital Access Card located in your Amilia account OR show a picture ID and sign waiver.
Show your mobile Digital Access Card located in your Amilia account. Then, staff will direct you to the drop-off area.
Let check-in staff know and proceed to Customer Service.
Show your mobile Digital Access Card located in your Amilia Account OR show a picture ID and sign waiver
1.) Just like with your pool pass, class participants can check in using any of the following:
  • Show your Amilia Digital Access Card on a smartphone (located in the Amilia Ap) OR…
  • Show a physical print-out of your Access Card OR…
  • Show a screenshot of your individual Digital Access card from your family account
NOTE: Please make that a picture in uploaded to your Digital Access Card. 2.) RCRC can print out physical cards if needed


“What is a Digital Access Card and how do I access this?”

1.) This card is located in your “Account” within the Amilia App. PDOP staff will scan this code to confirm your registration. Please note, you must upload a picture to your account for entry to the facility. 

2.) To access your card, open the Amilia App (iOSAndroid)  and go to “Account” to access this card. 

“How do I upload my photo to my Amilia account?”

1.) Upload a picture to your Member Profile


2.) Email a photo to with your name and request.


3.) Visit Ridgeland Common Recreation Complex to get a photo taken with customer service. We can print a physical ID card for you at RCRC. 

“What if I don’t have an Amilia account? ” 

1.) Create a new account here!


2.) You can check in using a picture ID and sign our Code of Conduct for anyone entering our facility. *Permissible identification can be a driver’s license, a student ID, a passport, and other forms of photo ID. Anyone under the age of 12 is exempt from this requirement.

Have questions? Please reach out to Scott Sekulich at (708) 725-2000.

Scott SekulichContact
(708) 725-2023

Registration and Customer Support Manager
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