How do I add a new family member to our account?

If you have a new child/family member and need to add them to your pre-existing registration account, you can do so through your “My Account” within your Amilia account or you may call Customer Service at (708-725-2000)

Please note: Family members who do not permanently reside with you or who are visiting from out of town should have their own separate household create with their permanent address or at least have their address specified within their member profile.

My child has a September birthday. Does that mean I can only register her for 2yo activities? Or if the start date is after her birthday, can I register her for 3yo activities?

Most programs have age requirements based on the first meeting date of the class. Therefore if the program is for a 3 year old, then the child must be 3 by the time the class meets for the first time.  In some instances and in larger programs such as gymnastics and Summer Camps, they may be a little different for consistency or based on school grade level to group kids together. You can click on the info icon after doing an online activity search within our registration website for specific information on a particular program.

Can I make changes to my child’s emergency form after I have completed and submitted it online? Specifically, can I still upload documents? Change emergency contacts?

Unfortunately there is not a seamless way a parent can go in and edit an already completed emergency form that we require for camps/playschool/preschool/pre-k/clubhouse programs by themselves.

However, please email your request to referencing your child and the particular program and you will be sent an individualized edit link where you can update the form and resubmit. Please Note: the email address within the request must match the email address within the participants household.