Can I get a make-up if I miss a class?

Gymnastics does not offer make-up classes, but we can offer you a voucher code for a free registration to Preschool Playtime or Open Gym. Email with the name of your student, which class they are in including day and time, and which date(s) of class they missed. Please request your voucher code only after the missed class!

What’s different about Summer gymnastics classes?

Our Summer classes are divided into two shorter sessions to provide more flexibility in scheduling. Registration opens for both Summer Session #1 and Summer Session #2 at the same time, and you’re welcome to register for either or both. Class times also differ during the summer since school is out!

Which class should I sign my child up for? When will my child move up to the next class level?

Children under 6 years old go into our Preschool category of classes, where class level is determined solely by age. They’ll move up through the class levels as they age until they reach six years old.

Children 6 and up can join our Recreational classes. New students should start at Beginner Girls 1 or Beginner Boys. These classes include detailed skill evaluations (except during Summer classes and Mini Sessions) to determine how each student is developing, what they need to work on, and when they’ll be ready to advance to the next

level. Every student progresses at their own pace, and it’s normal to stay at the same level for a while!

Tumbling classes and Adult Gymnastics do not have different class levels and do not include skill evaluations.

If your child is coming from another gymnastics program and you think they may already have the experience needed for a higher level class at the GRC, contact our management at to discuss your situation and potentially have your student evaluated. Remember that different programs may approach things differently!