What is your Covid-19 protocol?

We will follow all local and state health department guidelines as released. No refunds will be given as a result in changes to Covid-related restrictions.

Is there restroom access along the race routes?

Restrooms are provided as port-a-potties at the finish line/race fair area, as well as in multiple locations inside the OPRF High School. There are no facilities provided along the race route.

My six year old would like to register for the Youth Mile. Is that possible?

Yes! We definitely want to encourage our young runners to participate. We ask that you register for the race in person for a runner under 7, during Customer Service hours at either the RCRC location or the GRC location. We also encourage that a parent or older sibling accompany the child along the race route to help ensure their safety.

What does the entry fee for the FLW Races benefit?

All proceeds from the Frank Lloyd Wright Races will go the the Park District Scholarship Fund which helps Oak Park families in need pay for programs such as after-school care, summer camp, pool passses and more.

If you would like more information on how to qualify for our scholarship fund visit our web page www.pdop.org/scholarships