How do I check my child in/out at camp? Who is allowed to check my child out?

Due to the different age groups and facilities in use each location will have slightly different check-in procedures. Please check your parent handbook for specific information. Campers will not be allowed to check-in prior to the start time of the camp. Parents must sign in their child every day.

Campers must be signed out of camp each day by a parent/guardian or other person listed on the camper’s emergency form. Only those listed on the emergency form as authorized to sign-out the child will be allowed to do so. Everyone is required to show a picture ID to staff during the sign-out. Campers will not be allowed to leave with any adult not listed on the emergency form.

Can my camper take their medication while at camp?

If possible, all medication should be taken at home prior to or after camp. If your child needs to take a medication while at camp, the Medical Dispense Form must be filled out (available online at No medication (including inhalers or sting kits) will be dispensed without this form. Medications will be collected on the first day of camp. Medications should be brought to the program in the original packaging and state the dosage, doctor, phone and times per day the medication should be taken. Only campers can take or apply their medications; staff will not administer any medication.

What forms do I need to fill out for camp?

All campers are required to have a Participant Emergency Form by the Thursday prior to the start of camp. The form will also be emailed out to participants. Staff will not allow participants to be dropped off without having this form on file.