What happens during weather emergencies?

Site Supervisors check the weather each day in preparation to make changes to activities as needed. During severe weather (thunder, lightning, tornados) campers are taken to an indoor location immediately. If the National Weather Service determines a heat emergency exists, camp activities will be modified to be more passive and less strenuous. More frequent water breaks will be provided. If possible, campers will be moved to an air-conditioned facility.

What items should my camper NOT bring to camp?

Please leave all toys, games, weapons, money, electronic equipment (including cell phones) and any other valuables at home. These only serve as distractions that can lead to behavior problems or disappointment if the item is lost, stolen or damaged.

What items should my camper bring to camp with them?

Campers should come dressed in comfortable clothes and shoes that can get dirty. Gym shoes are highly recommended. Campers should bring a reusable water bottle, a mask, a healthy lunch and snack, and sunscreen. Please check your specific camp information for additional items that may be needed for each camp.

What should I do if my camper will not be attending a day of camp?

Parents should call or email the Site Supervisor of the child’s absence daily. If we do not hear from you (via phone or written notification) and the Supervisor reports your camper absent, staff will make every attempt to contact you by phone. Please help staff avoid unnecessary phone calls by reporting your camper’s absence.

Can my child check themselves into and out of camp?

Campers that are 12 years or older may be granted permission by their parent or guardian to sign themselves in and out. For children that are 10 or 11 years old, we highly recommend that they are signed out by a parent or guardian. We do not provide crossing guards and children will not be leaving in large numbers to walk home. If a parent feels their 10 or 11 year old can sign themselves out, written notification must be provided in advance (they will have the oprion to do this on their child’s emergency form). Children under 10 years of age must be signed in and out by a parent/guardian.