Open Studio 3


We have the supplies, space, and staff to help you get creative in our art studio! Each class will focus on a specific material or subject matter set up by our instructor.

Recycled Mixed Media August 11

We all know there is too much waste in our world. Plastics, fabrics, scrap metal and electronics litter our parks and our homes. Join us as we combine these materials with classic art supplies to create unique pieces of mixed media art. Participants are welcome to bring in their own collections to add to our supply or turn old toys/junk drawn finds into new pieces.

Potable Water Challenge

POV: You’re lost in the woods, you’re thirsty, but your water bottle is empty! And the water around you is… questionable at best. What to do!?

Today we’re stepping up to the challenge and trying to purify water using the tools we have at hand.

Girls in STEM: Walking with Evelyn Cheesman

Evelyn Cheesman loved bugs. When she was told she wasn't allowed to study them because she was a girl, she figured out how to do it herself anyway. And every time she hit a setback, she kept powering through. Join us as we explore the life of "The Woman who Walks" and the insects she discovered, through story, art, and more.  


In the US, women are 48% of the workforce but only 27% of the STEM careers. This family-friendly program explores a different science-loving lady each session through story, art, and more!


Registration is for one child with an adult. Adult must stay for the duration — this is not a drop-off program.

August Creative Cooking (Afternoon)

Creative Cooking offers life skills and art work all wrapped into one awesome class! They are designed for students to explore their creativity in the kitchen!  A different theme and recipe (or two!) will be introduced in each workshop. While the food cooks, bakes, or simmers, our little chefs with enjoy additional art and/or games during those times. Each child will go home with their recipes to share with the entire family.