The Littlest Naturalist – Thurs, 7/27

We’re getting out our crayons and our magnifying glasses to explore the great big world today! Join us as we use art to discover the environment that’s all around us, along with songs, games, and other kinds of nature play.

Architectural Letter

Design and construct a 3-dimensional letter using one of your initials. The surface can be decorated with descriptive words and images that are personally meaningful and unique.

Altered Penny Carpet

In the 1800s, many homes were decorated with “Penny Carpets” made from miss-matched fabric cut into circles. Patches were then layered and stitched together to make a large piece. Students create a penny carpet with fabric scraps. Each section is sewed to felt swatches, then joined to make a larger piece of art.

Nature On Screen & Up Close – “America the Beautiful”

Update: This program location has changed! Due to some unforseen scheduling conflicts, this listing differs from the printed program guide. The location here in Amilia is correct.


Join us for a Friday movie night, complete with the popcorn! Stop by as we watch family-friendly nature documentaries but with a twist on term "3D movie".  After the film, join our naturalist in experiencing the same nature up close and personal using touchable animal artifacts like pelts, feathers, fossils, nests, and more!

This time, we're watching Nat Geo's 2022 America the Beautiful: Heartland. Runtime 47 minutes.

Acrylic Skins Mosaics

Acrylic isn’t just for painting. Acrylic paint dries to form a flexible and durable material that resembles a skin or thick fabric. In this workshop, we’ll cut the acrylic into pieces and work it into a mosaic pattern on a glass object. Each participant will leave with their very own.