Pour Painting 8/28

Those pour painting videos are totally addictive! Come make your very own and we’ll clean up the mess! 2 canvas boards per person can be used. We’ll also provide a large variety of colors and finishes to make your painting stand out.

3D Printing

Have you ever wanted to try a 3d printer? Spend the morning with us at Dole Center and learn how the printer works while creating some fun beginners’ designs using our computer lab and new 3d printer!

Cricut Decal Design

Create awesome sticker decals for your computer, water bottle, car, luggage, and more using computer design, our Cricut machine, and your imagination!

Paste Papers

Paste papers, one of the earliest forms of decorated paper, were used for both covers and end-papers in books from the late sixteenth and eighteenth century. The basic technique involves dampening a sheet of paper, coating it with colored paste, and then drawing designs through the paste.

In this exciting three-hour workshop participants will be introduced to paste and paper preparation; color mixing and the use of various patterning tools. Each participant will create at least 10 original designs on 8×10 craft paper.  Supplies and handouts included. Books plus samples of vintage and contemporary designs will be on view with a brief discussion on the history of paste papers.

McCormick’s Cantigny

Enjoy the last days of summer at Cantigny Park. Walk the gardens, tour the mansion, and grab lunch at Bertie’s Café. Pickup: Dole Center 8am/Pleasant Home 8:15am/Fox Center 8:30am Ages 50+ Strenuous Walking.