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Dear Patrons,

As of Wednesday, January 12, 2022, the Oak Park Public Health Department issued two amendments to its Proof of Vaccination in Public Places order.

On January 6, an exemption was added to the order for newly turning 5-year-old children allowing them to participate in recreation programming while they are getting vaccinated:

Any individual who attains five (5) years of age on or after the effective date of the Order (January 6, 2022) shall be entitled to a grace period of six (6) weeks to allow time for the individual to become fully‐vaccinated

On January 12, a new amendment was added allowing individuals 18 years of age or younger to participate in youth athletics/programs under certain conditions:

Any individual eighteen (18) years of age or younger can participate in youth athletics or recreation if they provide either a vaccination card OR a negative COVID‐19 test administered at a proctored facility (non‐at‐home test) within forty‐eight (48) hours before participating.

The Park District of Oak Park staff will continue the protocols already in place per the Health Department order which includes confirming vaccination status prior to entering our facilities with the following changes:

Thank you for your patience and grace as we navigate these new Covid-19 mitigations.

Stay safe,

Jan Arnold, Executive Director


Dear Park District Patrons,

On Thursday, December 30, 2021 the Oak Park Public Health Department issued an ordinance mandating proof of vaccination in public places including health, fitness, and recreation centers effective Monday, January 10, 2022. That said, any individual over the age of 5 will be required to show proof that they are fully vaccinated before entering any Park District facility. This includes participants and/or spectators of a class, program, or event held inside. Indoor masking is still a requirement and is included in this order.

Beginning Monday, January 10, Park District of Oak Park staff will be confirming proof of vaccination for all class participants, spectators, and visitors prior to allowing entry into the program space.

Proof of Vaccination means:

• A CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Card; or

• An official immunization record from the jurisdiction, state, or country where the vaccine was administered; or

• An ‘app’ that provides a digital record of vaccinations; or

• A digital or physical photo of such a card or record that includes the individual’s name, the vaccine brand administered, and the date the vaccination was administered.

Identification to accompany vaccine proof:

• For those age 16 and older, identification must accompany vaccination proof. Identification includes a driver’s license, government ID, passport, work or school identification card, etc. that corresponds to the vaccination proof.

What constitutes fully vaccinated:

• Two weeks after their second does in a 2-dose series: Pfizer or Moderna Vaccines, OR

• Two weeks after a single dose series: Johnson & Johnson

Exemptions to this order:

• Preschools and childcare centers, which include our 2 and 3-day Preschool offerings and Clubhouse Afterschool participants.

• Those who are medically unable to receive vaccination, for any reason, if they:

(1) show proof of the exemption from a medical provider, AND

(2) show proof of a negative COVID test within 24 hours of coming into any facility. This includes providing a NEW negative Covid-19 test from a medical professional, indicating the test date and results. Please note: at-home tests are not accepted.

•Caregivers dropping children off for participation who will be in our facility less than 10 minutes.

Masks and physical distancing when possible are still required indoors:

• Masks are required indoors for any person age two or older that can medically tolerate it (regardless of vaccination status). This applies to all indoor activities and sports participants, including children, parents, coaches, officials, athletes of all ages, & spectators without exceptions.

• Physical distancing of six feet or more is required when feasible.

Helpful Tips:

✓ Have Proof of Vaccination on hand: The Park District of Oak Park will not be collecting or maintaining records of vaccination status. Park District staff will be checking vaccination status each time an individual enters a building.

✓ Have medical exemptions and testing results met before every session of a class, program, or event: This includes a NEW negative Covid-19 test 24 hours before every session of a class, program, or event.

✓ Please stay home if you are feeling sick or are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms in order to reduce community spread.

✓ Please note that food is not permitted at this time in any of our facilities.

✓ Water/Water bottles are the only drink permitted in our facilities.

✓ Please continue to follow updates on our website, social media, and through email.

✓ Feel free to contact us with questions:

Kelsey Tumpane

PDOP Risk Manager

Ann Marie Buczek

Communication & Community Engagement Manager

The Park District of Oak Park is committed to servicing the needs of our patrons. If you or a member of your household are unable to participate in a program due to this Oak Park Health Department ordinance, please contact Customer Service who will assist you in canceling your participation and providing a program fee refund. Please email us with the program/activity name, participant name, and whether you prefer a refund or Park District account credit and we will process accordingly.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation, understanding and patience, and we look forward to providing safe and healthy programs and services for the Oak Park Community.

Stay Healthy,

Jan Arnold, Executive Director


Resources and information from the Community Mental Health Board

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