Modern Arnis

This is a complete self-defense system that trains practitioners to be proficient with both weapons and empty hands. This class will introduce students to single stick, double stick, empty hand and ground control drills and techniques to significantly improve skills, reflexes, agility and power. This class is limited to students 9 years of age and older. Two (2) rattan sticks will be required by the second session and can be purchased through the instructor.

Adult Karate

Our adult classes release tension, develop total body fitness and build stamina and overall productivity. In addition to self-defense skills, karate increases flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and muscle tone, while improving core strength.

Karate Class Info

  • Uniforms and belt testing are optional through the ISKC instructor at an additional fee.
  • Beginner students will not be permitted to register into the current session after the second class has met.
  • Registration for continuing through advanced students will be accepted after the start date, but the full class fee is required.
  • Please visit or call us at 847-359-0666 for more information.
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