All Aikido classes are taught by Deb Pastors, 5th degree black belt with over 30 years experience. Aikido programs offered include:

Beginning Aikido

Aikido is a non-competitive martial art with foundations in sword and spear fighting, jujutsu, and other martial arts. Practitioners of the art learn to control their own bodies and redirect attacks. In this six-week class, participants will be introduced to aikido techniques and philosophy, with primary focus on breathing and posture, conditioning exercises, etiquette, and learning to roll and fall properly. Learning will be assisted by more senior students and participants will advance at their own pace. Participants may take the Beginning class as often as they’d like.

Continuing Aikido I

This course requires the instructor’s consent. Aikido practitioners ranked at gokyu or above may register without consent. This class focuses on the requirements for rank testing, and provides an introduction to aikido weapons. Participants must have their own jo and bokken.

Continuing Aikido II

Admission to this course requires the instructor’s permission, or a rank of sankyu or higher. The pace of this class is faster, and participants will be expected to demonstrate a more mature grasp of aikido movement. Participants must have their own jo and bokken, and must also be registered for Continuing Aikido I.

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