The Park District will be holding a virtual community meeting to revisit the Maple Park Master Plan. This site plan was reviewed in 2013 and improvements were completed in 2016. The improvements included rehabbed ballfields and amenities; a new playground and picnic pavilion; comfort station improvements; new tennis court surface with pickleball stripes; and, walking path loops in the park. The purpose of this meeting is to gather feedback to the new amenities and provide an update on the status of the Maple Park site plan.

The District began a major capital project planning and improvement program in 2005 in response to a voter approved referendum increasing the property tax rate for system-wide park renewal. Since 2005, master site plans have been developed for all 18 parks. Plans have also been developed for dog park locations and to determine the historical significance of four of the District’s recreation centers. Park renewal projects began in 2006 focusing on a balanced approach. Site plans were implemented in phases so that park renewal funds could be spread out amongst parks throughout the community.

Since the passing of the 2005 referendum, major park renewal projects have been completed at most park sites with the support of over $6 million in grant funds. Read more about our current park and facility improvements. Detailed information about the District’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for future park renewal projects is available in the 2024-2028 CIP.

Continued investment in our parks and facilities is critical to the District’s mission. The Park Board’s policy states that each park site plan will be revisited and updated within a 10 year period. The Park District is in the process of revisiting each park site plan per this policy in order to identify additional park amenities desired by our residents, to budget strategically for these improvements and to be prepared for grant opportunities.

If you have questions or would like to provide feedback on park plans currently in progress, please contact Chris Lindgren, Superintendent of Parks & Planning.

Future Plan Review Schedule
Park/FacilityPlan CreatedPlan ReviewedTentative Next Review
Field Park20062014Oct 2024
Carroll Park20052014Sep 2024
Austin Gardens20052015Nov 2024
Andersen Park200520152025
Barrie ParkN/A20152025
Cheney Mansion200920162025
Oak Park Conservatory200820162026
Rehm Park200820162026
Euclid Park200920162026
Mills Park200820172027
Taylor Park200920172027
Scoville Park201020182027
Lindberg Park201020182028
Wenonah Park200920182028
Randolph Park200920182028
Stevenson Park201120212029
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