Rehm Park Renovation

As part of the Park District’s Capital Improvement Plan, the west side of Rehm Park will be renovated in spring 2021. This project was postponed due to COVID-19. An Illinois Department of Natural Resources grant was awarded to the Park District in January 2020 for $400,000 in support of this project which includes a new playground with an ADA-accessible synthetic turf playground surface, a picnic pavilion, restroom, and the relocation of the west entrance from the center of the playground to north of the playground to heighten safety. A game area will be created in the southwest corner of the park with table tennis, baggo and the relocated Gaga pit from the east side of the park.

Renovation is slated to start April 1, 2021 with substantial completion by September 1, 2021.

View the playground and other new park features coming this summer HERE!

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