When does the pool close for poor weather? Are refunds given?

The pools will close for cold weather, thunder, lightning, severe weather, or the imminent threat of severe weather.

If thunder is heard or lightening is spotted, the pools must close for at least a half hour.  Pools will remain closed until 30 minutes have passed without thunder being heard or lightening being spotted.

If the air temperature is below 68o the pools may close.  This depends on other factors including time of day, current pool attendance, perceived temperature, and amount of sunlight.

In any of these situations refunds are not given for weather regardless of the amount of time in the facility before closing.

Please call the weather hotlines below or see our facility status page here:

Website: Field Conditions

Download the Statusfied app to your smart phone for the latest status updates and even get alerts.

By Phone: 708-7GAME ON