Are there rules for diving boards at the pools?

All users MUST be strong swimmers to use the diving board. Rehm diving well is 16’ deep while Ridgeland is 12’ deep.

• Improper use of the diving board may expose the user to physical harm.

• Participants assume full responsibility for any injury which might occur.

• Cartwheels and handstands are prohibited on the board.

• Running is prohibited on the diving board.

• Users may only take one bounce before entering the water.

• Patrons must dive or jump straight from the edge of the board, inverted and

backward dives are prohibited.

• Only one person on the board at a time.

• Be sure diving area is clear, and previous user has made it to the ladder

before entering the water.

• Pay attention to additional instructions by the lifeguard.

Any infraction of the diving well rules can result in suspension from the Park District Pools.

Patrons who are rescued by the lifeguard due to lack of swimming abilities will be prohibited to enter the diving area for the remainder of the day. Patrons who abuse the skills of our lifeguards can and will be banned from Park District pools.