Shouldn’t hockey classes be longer?

Our class lengths are based on the recommendations provided by USA Hockey.Studies they have done show that classes beyond these lengths are counter productive to properly learning hockey.

What is an Ice Bear?

An Ice Bear is a ferocious creature who strives to perform at a peak level and always works hard. An Ice Bear works with a pack to take out the competition. The Ice Bear is the mascot for the Travel Hockey Program.

When is my skater ready for Travel Hockey?

We highly recommend skaters complete a full season in the IBPL prior to moving into the travel hockey league. Without the experience of the IBPL, skaters will not be prepared for the game play and intensity of travel hockey.

When is my skater ready for the Ice Bear Prep League (IBPL)?

We highly recommend skaters successfully participate in one session of level 2 prior to entering the IBPL. The IBPL is designed to teach game theory and offer an opportunity to play cross ice games in a league format prior to beginning a travel program.