Can I bring a homemade birthday cake/dessert?

Birthday cakes or desserts can be homemade for any of the Park District birthday parties. Please be mindful of potential allergies your guests may have. We do not supply any serving or eating utensils.

Are adults allowed in the activity area with the party?

At Ridgeland Common, the host family (and additional chaperones as needed) is responsible for supervising the children while in the pool, ice arena and party room.

At the Stevenson Center Indoor Playground parties, adults are allowed in the playground area and are responsible for monitoring children. They are expected, just like the children, to remove their shoes when walking on the mats.

At the Gymnastics and Recreation Center, the party activities are organized and supervised by gymnastics staff. Therefore, adults are not allowed in the gymnastics area. Adults are welcome to watch from the lobby area or second floor balcony.

Is each guest required to have signed/completed waiver?

Each participating child must have a waiver signed/completed by their parent or legal guardian. Waivers can be filled out prior to the party and brought with the child or completed when arriving at the party. There will be no exceptions given to children without a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. The waiver sheet will be provided by the attendant to guests arriving at the party prior to entering the activity area or party room. We will only collect the amount of waivers equal to the amount of participants paid for.

How early should I tell my guests to arrive?

If having your party at the indoor playground, guests should arrive at the start time of the party. Party attendants will be ready to provide waivers for those showing up.

If your party is at the gymnastics center, we suggest guests arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the party. This will allow enough time for attendants to get waivers signed, collect waivers, and hand out name tags so the activities can start on time.