8/28 – Archery Game Night

Are you looking for an hour of archery fun? Welcome to game night! Join us for a few different archery challenges that are a bit too complicated for a standard class.

Both group games (like Lucky Draw Scoring) and individual challenges (Arrow Darts) are available for archers to try!

Cupid Couple’s Archery

Come join us for a couple’s archery lesson! You and your partner will share a target, and our certified instructor will show you on how to shoot a bow and arrow. Work together or compete for points in an adventurous and unique date night! All materials (bows, arrows, arm guards, and finger tabs) are provided, but you're free to bring your own!

Registration is for two people.

No-Fire Nouveau Tiles

Beginning in the early 1880s, the “Art Nouveau” style flourished in all forms of art. It blends natural forms with man-made advances in architecture, design and manufacturing. Create hand-painted tiles using tube lining — a technique in which a design outline was created first and then filled in with color — is the definitive look of Art Nouveau.

Nature On Screen & Up Close – “Miracle of the Reef”

Join us for a Friday movie night, complete with the popcorn! Stop by as we watch family-friendly nature documentaries but with a twist on term "3D movie".  After the film, join our naturalist in experiencing the same nature up close and personal using touchable animal artifacts like pelts, feathers, fossils, nests, and more!

This time, we're watching National Geographics Great Barrier Reef: Miracle of the Reef. Runtime 45 minutes.

Middle-East Reflections

Welcome to Middle Eastern art and design. The emphasis is on geometric patterns which occur throughout Islamic cultures. Some of these patterns represent objects found in nature; others demonstrate the beauty of order and symmetry. More than just ornamentation, these patterns were created to transform the object they adorn into something uncommon and infinite. Using mirror mosaics and Islamic geometric patterns participants will create a mosaic of their own design with metallic, reflective materials arranged on solid base.