Pleasant Home News

As a National Historic Landmark with significant meaning to the Oak Park community, the Park District welcomes community members and visitors from around the world to experience the beauty and splendor of Pleasant Home through organized, docent-led tours.

The Park District is thrilled to continue working with the current docents (formerly managed under the Pleasant Home Foundation) who allow visitors to experience the beauty and history of this great architectural treasure. The current docents are deeply dedicated, and we are extremely grateful for their continued efforts and all that they do to bring Pleasant Home to life.

The Park District is fully committed to protecting and preserving the Home for generations to come. The Park District and Pleasant Home Foundation worked for many years toward its care and preservation. While Pleasant Home Foundation has completed its mission of preservation of the Home, we are grateful for the years of collaborative work and believe this partnership has allowed Pleasant Home to be cared for with great passion and dedication.

To continue the preservation of this National Historic Landmark, the Park District will work directly with restoration experts from State and Federal agencies to ensure the proper care and maintenance of this great community asset. Like Cheney Mansion and Oak Park Conservatory, which are also owned and managed by the Park District, we are committed to the proper care, maintenance, and restoration of our community’s historic treasures.

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