Baird Harper Named NWHL Coach of the Year

The Northwest Hockey League (NWHL) named the Ice Bear’s very own Baird Harper the Coach of the Year. Congrats, Coach Baird!

Baird Harper joined the Ice Bear volunteer coaching staff four years ago. He has developed into a premier coach, securing the respect of both his players and their families. Baird brings a love of the game and a level of intensity that has resulted in his players improving in their skill level and developing a deeper love of the game. 

While coaching his team to a high level of competitiveness he has managed to make sure the kids do not lose the reason they lace up their skates – a love of the sport of hockey. Baird understands that NWHL exists to grow the sport and to provide a home for any child interested in the sport.  And Baird’s devotion to the game and his contagious energy will continue to attract kids to the game and keep them playing. This is clear from a response from one of his players when asked what he thought about Coach Baird: “Coach Baird is an amazing coach, he was kind and caring but he always pushed us to be the best payers we could be.” 

With one child in hockey and one in figure skater, as well as playing hockey himself, Baird and the Harper family are a huge part of the community at Ridgeland Common. We are sincerely grateful for their continued support and the endless hours Baird puts into the Ice Bears program. 

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