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3D Painting on Glass 7/16

July 16 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Dole Center Studio Room 3 (3rd Floor)
255 Augusta Street, Oak Park IL 60302

Take a leap into the third dimension as we paint tree landscapes from a neighboring park on 3
layers of clear glass. In this one session workshop we will delve into the permanence of oil
paints on glass, how to apply and manipulate the paints to capture your unique painting style,
and finally how to think about depth and transparency to create a cohesive image in three
layers that is full of depth, interest, and life. Your painted glass panes will finally be installed into
a shadow box style frame allowing you to further build depth creating that magical lively quality
that is so unique to this style of glass painting.
*We will meet and work in the park. Precise meeting directions forthcoming. In the event of
foul weather we will work inside the Dole Center*

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