Spring around the World

"How do you celebrate Spring?"

Spring is upon us and different places and cultures around the world all have their own special way of signifying the new season! See all the ways others celebrate Spring and be sure to include your own favorite way of celebrating the season on social media, #PDOPspring

Butter Lambs (Russia, Slovenia, Poland)

Butter lambs are a traditional Easter food in Central and Eastern Europe. They are made from butter and shaped into a lamb. Butter lambs are often decorated with peppercorns or cloves for eyes, and a red ribbon around the neck. It is considered good etiquette to start at the back of the butter lamb and eat the head last.

Chocolate Bilby (Australia)

Bilbies are large-eared, long-nosed marsupials that are native to Australia. They were once widely distributed across the continent, but their population declined after rabbits were introduced to the ecosystem in 1859. In 1991, a campaign was launched to replace the Easter Bunny with the Easter Bilby to raise awareness for bilby conservation efforts. Soon after, chocolate bilbies began taking over candy stores. Today, chocolate bilbies are popular across Australia, and the Easter Bilby campaign has been instrumental in raising awareness for bilby conservation projects.

Cimburijada (Bosnia)

Cimburijada, also known as the Festival of Scrambled Eggs, is a traditional spring celebration in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a time to come together as a community and celebrate the arrival of spring. The main dish of Cimburijada is a giant pot of scrambled eggs, which is cooked over an open fire. The eggs are a symbol of new life, and the festival is a time to celebrate the abundance of spring.

Holi (India)

Holi is a spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal. It is a time of joy, color, and celebration. People throw colored powder and water at each other, sing, dance, and eat delicious food. Holi is a time to forget about differences and come together as a community.

Songkran (Thailand)

The Songkran festival is a water festival celebrated in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. It marks the beginning of the Thai New Year and is a time for people to cleanse themselves and their homes. Water is an important symbol during Songkran, as it represents washing away the old year and anticipating rainfall for the coming season. People celebrate by throwing water at each other, and there are endless ways to do so, from water balloons to buckets.

Share Your Story of Spring!

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, and people often feel energized and excited when it arrives. Do you enjoy all that the season has to offer? Now’s your chance to add to the story of Spring! What do you like to do when the weather gets warmer and the days get longer? Share your favorite spring activities, memories, or hopes for new beginnings!

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