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The Park District of Oak Park has identified sustainability as one of our Comprehensive Master Plan Goals, Core Values and Strategic Initiatives. Sustainability is engraved throughout our agency and our Sustainability Plan lays out a roadmap for the future. We have successfully made many strides over the last few short years in an effort to lessen our impact on the environment. As the world continues to use more resources than the planet can replenish per year, our agency will continue to find ways to use less. 
Our holistic approach to sustainability involves recycling and waste reduction, energy efficiency, green energy production, employee and community education, water conservation and re-use, storm water management, native plantings, prohibited use of herbicides and pesticides, green product procurement policy, community and employee health and wellness, fleet management and habitat preservation. 
Please see our Sustainability in our Parks pamphlet outlining all of our sustainability initiatives. Get a glimpse of our overall efforts on our Sustainability Efforts Report .

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