Career Opportunities at the Community Recreation Center

All Positions are for 18+ Applicants

If you’re interested in helping us set the tone, we’d love to talk with you! Our 42,000 square foot Community Recreation Center is set to open this May! Come be a part of something special. The Park District of Oak Park is now hiring.  All positions are 18+.

Friendly, Fun: We are at the ground floor and hiring at all levels. Part-time jobs available to fit your schedule. Our positions are unique in that they will help us set the tone of our new facility. The goal is to create a space that is welcoming and friendly, where people feel like they belong…just like its name, our community recreation center, aims to welcome and connect everyone. We are looking to create this atmosphere among staff as well. If you’re looking for an environment and community to belong, join us at the Community Recreation Center.

Options, Flexibility, Personality: We have over 60 positions positions available to fill. Seek out the job that’s right for you! Are you a gamer? Then come work in our E-sports Room with our Teens & Tweens positions. Have an interest in keeping things running efficiently and a people-positive attitude? Join the Maintenance & Operations side! 

Support from the Team: You’ll be working with PDOP staff who are already familiar with their roles and responsibilities within the organization who can guide you. You’ll be undergoing certifications and training sessions, assisting gym-goers, and helping us keep operations ongoing and efficient for our members.

Come join us as we prepare for the future of Oak Park, and take on the challenge of creating a space that is uniquely Oak Park—a place where every visitor feels welcome, inspired, and inspired by what they see. Check out some of the benefits of joining us!

All of this is possible at the Park District of Oak Park! Want to take the next step….? Here’s what you need to know:

Job Opportunities:


  • Free membership to the CRC
  • Job flexibility


Next Steps:

  • Complete your application
  • Look for further steps on the interview process from our HR department
  • Upon accepting a job offer, begin needed licensing, training, and certification provided by the Park District.
  • Training is to begin promptly, details will upon hiring.


Please reach out to our facility head if you have any inquiries!

Chad DrufkeContact
(708) 725-2109

CPRP, Classes: Boxing, Fencing, Golf, Martial Arts, Ninja Warriors, Flag Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Baseball/Softball, Basketball
Wellness: Tai Chi, Awareness through Movement

See a Sneak Peek of the Facility!

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