COVID-19 Update

The Park District policy per the Oak Park Health Department applies to all facilities, including the Oak Park Conservatory. Please see below:

Masking is no longer required indoors; it remains optional for individuals who feel comfortable in doing so. It is likely many individuals will continue to wear face coverings for a variety of reasons, including comfort, vaccination status, and personal or family health status. Park District staff will respect and accept all individual preferences with regard to face coverings.

Thank you for your continued support.

Helpful Tips:

✓ Please stay home if you are feeling sick or are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms in order to reduce community spread.

✓ Please continue to follow updates on our website, social media, and through email.

✓ Feel free to contact us with questions:

Joseph Marrotta

PDOP Risk Manager

Ann Marie Buczek

Communication & Community Engagement Manager

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